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I’m a freelance editor and writer and always willing to take on new work if I have an opening in my schedule. My specialty is in plain-language writing, which is the eye I tend to use as both a writer and editor. My mutant power is breaking down complex ideas into understandable pieces, an ability I’ve further honed with years of experience in the field of instructional design. I’m also happy to take on fiction editing, for which I use an eye appropriate to the intended tone, genre, and voice of the story.

If you’d like to hire me, the best way is to send me an email at Your subject line should include the words “Freelance query.” Give me a description of the work you need to have done with an idea of the scale, scope, and timetable of the project, and if I’m able to take it on, I’ll reply with my rate sheet and an estimate and we can discuss from there. You may need to give me a day or two to reply.

Fair warning: I’m a professional, and I charge pro rates. Yes, even for copyediting and proofreading. When you see my estimate, and say, “How much?,” and I say, “Yes, that much,” remember that you’re paying for decades of education and work experience and getting a top-notch writer/editor to make your work look the best it possibly can. Not everyone has the budget for that, and that’s okay. But if you do, I think you’ll find the level of polish and professionalism I bring to the work to be well worth it.